Monday, August 2, 2010


This is another card I made using a stencil I haven't used before. It is not one of the stencils I just bought but one I put away and forgot about.
The biggest problem I have with these stencils is that they are metric and therefore do not fit well on our standard sized cards. This card is 5.75" square, not a size that easily fits in a standard sized envelope.

 This template is from the Star Collection PD 0002 which is just an embossing stencil that has a few different templates on the same stencil. I measured the length and width of the template I wanted to use to determine the size I needed to cut the white panel. After that it was easy just to line up the stencil with the edge of the paper. What wasn't so easy was that this stencil wasn't made with cutouts! After doing all the stenciling I had to cut out between the lines with no pencil lines to guide me. It took a loooong time and is by no means perfect but I love the way it looks.
The blossom image is a digi I found on the net, sorry I don't remember where. The small flowers are a punch. All the flowers have a tiny black jewel in the center but they only show when you look at the card at an angle!


Phyllis said...

OMG another beautiful stencil card.You do wonders with those stencils.

JD said...

This is lovely, and I'm sure it did take you a long time to do! But it was sure worth all the time you put into this card!