Saturday, March 19, 2011

Name that flower

Are these tulips? I don't know. If you have an idea of what they are please let me know! As you have probably noticed I am on an embossing/3d kick again. I bought some new 3d sheets and I am just dying to use them all they are so pretty!

I used a part of the stencil Mattie EH 1837 and the flowers from a sheet I just got. Behind the stencil I used a soft gray. With the neutral color of the flower I could have used any color but I wanted to keep it soft. I stamped the sentiment with Memento London Fog. I used dimensional silicone to raise the layers of the flowers but with the humidity here it took 2 days to dry! I prefer the silicone glue to dimensional tape but 2 days!


Beccy said...

I have no idea what the flower is Jennie, but it sure is beautiful. I think the grey backing card is perfect too... so soft and lovely. You were very clever to use the corner template that way, what a great result.

JD said...

Very pretty! I asked my husband if he knew the name of the flower (He's pretty good with flowers and bird names. But he could NOT figure it out either.