Saturday, March 28, 2009

My Studio

This is the first post to my blog so I guess that makes me a blogger! I thought I would start by showing you pictures of my studio. I wish that I had painted the walls before I installed everything but the walls aren't really as white as they look in the pictures. I can thank President George Bush for my studio as I used the stimulus money he gave us to buy all the storage items. Thanks Dubya!

This is my cutting and cuttling area. All my cardstock and cardstock scraps are n the file boxes. My embossing folders are in the baskets on the wall and my Nesties are on magnetic sheets in a basket on the right. The four small drawers on the left hold all my envelopes, 6x6 paper pads and mat packs. Below those drawers I have all my 12x12 DP in folders and above the drawers I have some of my larger mounted stamps in trays on the shelves.

This wall where I store my ribbon and mounted stamps. I made boxes for my ribbon and the shelves are shoe storage shelves. On the right is a paper sorter where I have my mounted stamps in acrylic trays.

My desk is in front of the windows. The drawers under the desk hold my ink pads, embossing powders, watercolor crayons, chalks etc. The stack of drawers on the right hold myDP scraps, punches and embelishments. To the right of the black drawers is junk! The acrylic trays I use to store my stamps are photo frames and these are the inserts that I took out. Although I have not found a use for them yet I am sure something will come to mind and if I throw them away that use will show itself immediately after the trash man comes! I have made a custom signature but somehow it got deleted as I did this post. I am sure I will get the hang of this blogging thing sometime but don't hold your breath!


worshipwiththetruth said...

Nice blogs

raygunner said...

I agree, It is a very nice blog. Looking at your studio layout it inspired me to do something with my non functional second bedroom. My son who is living with his mother in Wisconsin only comes up to visit once in awhile. The room has been used as a clutter storage space. I want to get back into coin restoration and collecting again. I use to build a lot of military models and I would need a place where I could do that.
Thank you for inspiring me with your blog / pictures.

dunkley said...

What a great neat room. I don't think my room has ever been that tidy,,, but wait I notice that your garbage can is full to overflowing too. that gives me hope. Thanks for sharing and see you on creativecuttlebuggers.Theresa D.

Anonymous said...

Oh Jennie....Your ART Haven is WONDERFUL....BEAUTIFUL....BRIGHT...AND CHEERFUL!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!!! Love the storage you got going on....ideas a flowing!!!!

carolyn said...

I am so envious of your crafting space; natter of fact, I think I'm packed and ready to move in also.