Tuesday, March 31, 2009

More Storage

Well my camera really is dead! After changing the batteries 3 times it still would not turn on. I did some research and this is not uncommon apparently. To have it fixed would be $89 + $6.99 shipping so I decided to buy a new one even though the other one is only 2 years old!

This is how I store my nesties and colored pencils. I bought 5" x 7" magnetic sheets and glued two together back to back for stability. With this size they hold the larger size Nesties like the Curved Rectangles and I can put the regular plain Nesties on one side and the scalloped ones on the other.

I use the other basket for my pencils. Inside the basket I have acrylic boxes to keep the pencils sorted by color. The basket sits at the back of my desk out of the way when not in use but can be easily moved when needed.

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lenora said...

Jennie, your work site look so pristine I doubt I could get any work done. Thanks for sharing your blog.