Wednesday, April 1, 2009


A few years ago when I went home to England to visit my sister and she introduced me to Pergamano. It is paper piercing and embossing on heave weight vellum paper.

This little dress has a lot of piercing and embossing and took a loooong time to make!

This card is pierced and cut out on parts of the front to show the pattern on the back. The coloring is done with oil pastels on the back side of the front of the card. The coloring technique is called dorsing.

These flowers are on the back of the card and the front is cut out. The flowers are colored with markers.

This card has a lining of patterned paper. In real life the background doesn't look gray because it isn't pressed up against the front. These pictures are scanned because they came out better than in a photograph with my lack of photography skills!

This last card is also lined but this time with cardstock. There is no piercing on this card only embossing and the sentiment is a sticker.

I haven't done any Pergamano in a long time. Maybe I will do some more seeing as I bought all the tools and a lot of books when I was home. The trouble is I can't part with them when they are finished because they take so many hours to do!

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