Friday, April 17, 2009

Coloring with Copics

Well the UPS man came with my 72 piece set of Copic Ciao markers about 20 minutes after I posted yesterday
. He must have heard me complaining. LOL As it happened I didn't get a chance to color with them after they came anyway but I did print out a Copic color chart so that I can see what colors I have and what I will need in the future. There are quite a few people who have done color charts where you can color in the colors you have and each is different so I won't list them here but you can do a search for Copic color chart and you will find them.

This morning I made this card using the Copics and a Lockheart stamp. I used faux stitching on the band but other than that I think it is self explanatory. I am not sure how I like the Copics yet. It is not the same as using colored pencils but I guess I will just have to practice, practice, practice!

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