Saturday, June 6, 2009

3D cards

Well, I got an IM from my youngest daughter yesterday telling me she was disappointed in me because I didn't have a card to share yesterday! I am making up for it today by having two!Todays cards are a bit different for me. I am stepping out of my box! While surfing the web I found THIS sit that has a whole bunch of decoupage sheets to print for free.

For this first card I saved and printed the images onto cardstock and cut them out with a ruler and Exacto knife.
The site is an English site and the standard paper size is different from ours. When I printed this set of pictures it cut the top off the one that was supposed to be the base. However it would have been to big for the card anyway so I just started with the second picture. After cutting out the pictures I glued the first one to a card base and then used dimentional tape for the rest of the layers.

The second card is bigger than I usually make. It is 6"x 6" but that is the size the image dictated. When I use this site again I will reduce the size before I print.

There is more cutting with this one but it is so pretty I think it was worth it.


Gloria said...

Those are awesome....Now I have to try something else....hmmmmm is it ever going to end. Thanks so much for the info and sharing such talent with all of us

Crystal said...

Jennie ! These are STUNNING !! Oh , my ... just beautiful !

Your favorite child said...

See, I motivated you!

Anonymous said...

Oh Jennie!!! These cards are GORGEOUS!!!!!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM!!!!!!! So pretty!!!

carolyn said...

I love the #D cards, so elegant and demensional. beautiful