Thursday, June 18, 2009

White Challenge Day 6. LAST DAY!

This is my last card for the challenge. I used the Anja corner1 stencil and dry embossed then cut out sections with a swivel knife. For the image I printed 4 copies of the image, cut out different sections and used dimensional tape to adhere the different layers. This particular image I have had for a long time. It is a Paintshop Pro tube. Do a search for PSP tubes and you will find gazillions. Some come with a PSP extention which means they can only be used with PSP but on a lot of sites they are jpg's which means anyone can use them.



Diann assures me that this card is all white. Scanning cards with layers doesn't always work to well!



Remember the challenge ends TODAY at midnight EST! This isn't a contest. All you have to do for a chance to win is make a card and send it to me. The drawing for the random winner will be tomorrow.

1) Create a card using only white cardstock. (today's card is a good example) Use as many layers
as you like but no colored cardstock or paper.
2) The color should come from the image.
The card should be at least 75% white.
3) No embelishments like ribbon, buttons, primas etc
The challenge will run for 6 days, Saturday through Thursday. All entries must get to me by
midnight EST on Thursday, that is 11pm Central and 9pm PST.

When you have made your card email a picture to me with WHITE CHALLENGE in the subject line and don't forget to tell me who you are. My email address is in the left column near the top. I will put the picture on my blog using your first name only.

I will be making a challenge card every day, that is 6 cards.
Your name will be entered in a drawing on Friday and I will do a random drawing and announce the winner on my blog and by email. The winner will receive the 6 cards that I make gift boxed plus a nice surprise!


Julie Ann Grakowsky said...

Wow! Those are really cool flowers!! They look like they'd smell awesome! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh Jennie....I believe THIS ONE IS MY FAVORITE!! It's gorgeous!!!!