Thursday, June 4, 2009

Black & White & ?

What have I been doing these last few days? .....Making a mess! I got stymied for ideas when it came to making simple thank you cards for my daughter to send to guys. I made a few more in different colors suitable for ladies and then ideas came to a grinding halt.

This is the last ladies card I made. Looking at this again this morning a lightbulb came on. Black and white!

These are three cards I came up with. They are all basically made the same way just with different shapes. I used Nestabilities Classic circles and Labels 2 but I just cut the rectangles with a paper cutter. The "Little Note of Thanks" sentiment is from Stampin Up and the other one is a $1 stamp from Michaels. This is how I did the circle one.

First I stamped the sentiment, cut it out and embossed it. The size of the first circle depends on the size of your sentiment so I won't be giving sizes. I then used the next largest die which is 1/4" bigger and cut a red circle. Then I took a piece of black CS, a piece of white CS and a piece of plain copy paper big enough to take the two next largest dies and stacked them. I cut them out with one run through the Cuttlebug. The copy paper circle is for a pattern so don't skip it. Next you need to cut the black and the white circles in half. This is where the paper circle pattern comes in.

Fold the paper pattern circle in half. Stack the 2 CS circles and put the folded pattern on top so that the edges are even. The folded edge of the paper pattern is exactly half of the circle. Cut the 2 CS circles in half using the folded edge of the paper pattern as a guide. I find it easiest to use scissors with blades long enough to cut in one motion. Do this with both sizes of circles.

Take one half of a black circle and one half of a white circle in both sizes and tape them together to make a complete circle that is half black and half white. Glue these 2 circles together with the white of the smaller circle on the black of the larger circle.

The contrasting strip on all the cards is 2" wide. The sizing is different on the Labels 2 dies and so I only used one size for the black and white. I still made a paper pattern to get the center for cutting.


Anonymous said...

Oh Jennie....some AMAZING cards for guys!!!! They are all beautiful!!!!

Anonymous said...

This is awesome.... Gives the card a pop!