Saturday, June 20, 2009

Teabag Folding

I decided to have a go at something I have never done before . . . teabag folding. Although I found some nice examples online I have decided it is not something I want to pursue. It is just not for me. That being said, I did make two cards before I came to that conclusion.

For the first card I printed the squares and made the medallion according to the directions I found HERE but I don't think it looks like it is supposed to. Oh well! I cut the apperture with a round Nestie and then embossed around it with a larger Nestie according to the directions in the video HERE. The stamp is a $1 stamp from Michaels and the butterflies are a Martha Stewart punch. The punch has one large and 2 small butterflies but after punching them I lost one of the small butterflies. When I find it I will add it to the card!

For the second card I started following directions for a different fold to make another medallion but got lost along the way so I just made more of what I had and came up with this. I mounted the folds on a piece of white cardstock that I punched with a Martha Stewart border punch, added some half pearls and called it a day! No more teabag folding for me!


Carla said...

Hello Jennie,

Always love to see it when someone is trying this techniqeq, have been doing it myself for several years.I like your first go at teabagfolding, especially the 1st card with the stamping and see no 'wrong' in try making another one!!!!!!

Penny Duncan Creations said...

Oh.....2 VERY VERY PRETTY cards!!!! I so understand your thoughts on the folding.......I think it is GORGEOUS but not something I like doing often either.......but the 2 you've made are wonderful!!!!!

Christina said...

oh Jennie you did wonderfully... I love the cards..