Saturday, August 1, 2009

Frugal Friday --- Saturday Edition

I missed Frugal Friday yesterday so here is a Saturday edition! I am pretty burned out trying to come up with quick and easy cards for sets that my daughter is selling like hot cakes to raise money for her fundraiser for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. So far she has raised $150 selling cards and keeps coming with requests for more cards for Mom to make! I am happy to help out though.
She is working hard to reach her goal of $5000. On Tuesday she was in a wing eating contest at Wing Stop. She had people who sponsored her for $2 a wing. She had 5 minutes to eat as many of the 25 wings as she could. She ate 20 which shocked her co-workers who sponsored her as they thought she would only eat 10 at the most!

I used Nesties in the Cuttlebug to emboss the cards and then used a smaller one for the image panel. The 'Just A Note' stamp is a $1 stamp from Michaels. To emboss the card without cutting it the sandwich is from the bottom up A plate, B plate, tan mat, cardstock, Nestie with the cutting side down, B plate.

All machines aren't created equal and for my machine I have to use a shim between the B plate and the tan mat to get enough pressure for a good embossed image. Your machine may be different so try it without the shim first and if you are not getting a sharp enough image keep adding a shim of cardstock until you are happy with it.

I think these cards would be pretty done with notecards that are colored on the outside and white on the inside but I don't have any and I wanted the inside white.

I am going to look through my stash and see of I have any suitable patterned cardstock that is white on the back


Anonymous said...

Jennie.....these are just so pretty. I did recieve one from your daughter thanking me for the donation...I loved the card..and knew it was a Jennie creation. Keep up the wonderful support...I know your daughter is appreciative.

Diann said...

Lovely embossed cards, Jennie! How do we make a donation for your daughter? Diann

Paige said...

The cards are divine! I love the simple, elegant loo!