Sunday, August 9, 2009

Row House Swap

I had never heard of a 'row house' in regards to art but when the swap was announced on the ArtHavenCreations Yahoo group I was intrigued so I signed up.

I used Basic Grey Porcelain papers and used a pencil to make the brick pattern. The flower boxes are raised with dimentional tape and the 'flowers' are ground up styrofoam. It isn't soft like Flower Soft but works just as well! The sentiment says 'The path to a friend's house is never long'

To make the flower material you will need small pieces of white styrofoam, craft acrylic paint and a blender/chopper. I have a small one I bought at Mervyns years ago for something like $5 on sale. Break the styrofoam into small pieces and put in the blender with a small amount of paint and blend away until it is a fine as you want it. That's it, my Frugal Friday tip late again!!
I will have my last two journals tomorrow.
If you would like to make a journal for a cancer patient get in touch with Shirley Nagel at


Anonymous said...

Jennie! Your row house is so cute. In fact after seeing yours I went ahead and got mine made...they are quite fun aren't they. Thanks for the info on the raised styrofoam flowers. I also want to thank you for making all those journals. I feel so honored to have people like you joining me in this project. They are all beautiful and I know they will be appreciated. Thanks is not enough to say. Shirley

JD said...

This is so cute and creative, thank you for the tip about the styrofoam...

Deloris said...

Oh Jennie....I want to live in your Row it..
Hugs Deloris