Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Journal #4

This is the 4th journal I have made for cancer patients. I had intended to make 6 as I bought 6 composition books but looking at the flat rate boxes I found I can get 10 journals in the box for the same price so I will be buying some more journals and sending 10 to Shirley. It is so much fun and I am using up paper I have had forever!

For this one I used scraps to make patchwork on a piece of copy paper and then ran it through the Cuttlebug with the D'Vine Swirls folder. I did the middle first and then each end. I didn't worry to much about the pattern matching up. I used a micron pen to do the cross stitching.

I had a question about making journals from someone who commented as 'Anonymous' Can I just remind everyone that if you comment as 'Anonymous' I can't reply to you as although I get the comment in an email it doesn't have your email addy it just shows up as "Anonymous"

I start out with a composition book. I bought mine at Walmart for 50 cents. Then I covered the front and back covers with scrapbook paper cutting it about an inch bigger on the 3 open sides and wrapped the paper to the inside. I then cut 2 pieces of coordinating cardstock for the inside of the covers and decorated the front. Try doing a search for altered composition books and I am sure you will come up with lots of good information. Here are a couple of links to tuts.


Anonymous said...

Jennie..I think this is my favorite...I love the patchwork very pretty and soft looking.

June said...

Oh Jennie thats gorgeous. love the colour and the style of this one
hugs June x

JD said...

I think this is my favorite too, I like anything with "patchwork"...
Thank you for your email, and for sending me the link. Obviously, I am up and running this morning, but only because my husband got me up and running for the third time this week, (or maybe more, I think I've lost count how many times I have been down) We may go looking for a new computer this week.

Julie Ann Grakowsky said...

I love your journal!! The colors are so pretty and I love the patchwork look! What a great idea to put those scraps to good use! :)

Diann said...

All of your worthy journals are great, but this one is a favorite!
Keep up the good work for a good cause....I'm working on a few myself! Diann