Sunday, May 17, 2009

It's What's On The Inside That Counts.

.......the inside of the card that is. I have been having fun with pop up cards, doing the inside but nothing on the outside! That will come later. Yesterday I gave you a link to a site with great pop up patterns I have since found another page from the same person that isn't linked from the first page. You can find the additional patterns HERE

The pattern for this card is on the secong page. It is called Falling Stars. It was pretty easy as most of the cuts are straight but it took a long time to do.

You can see the stars better in this close-up.

This card was really easy and didn't take much time. I now have a head start on my Christmas cards!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Jennie....WOW girl...GORGEOUS just simply GORGEOUS!!! I love them both!!!!

BTW, You've been "Tagged".......please check out my blog if you're interested in playing!!! Hope you're having a SUPER day!!!