Friday, May 1, 2009

Lost Mojo

I have been MIA for a few days because I have lost my mojo. Worse than that I got hit big time with an idiot stick! Let me explain. I was cutting paper on my big paper cutter but there were black ink smudges on the paper. So I got another sheet, same thing. This happened 3 times before I realized that I had an open black inkpad next to the cutter and I was putting the paper down on it. OK case solved. I cleaned the cutter and started again. Still ink smudges. I didn't clean my fingers!

I decided that that was a sign so I decided to clean up my desk and replace the mat I work on that had glue and ink on it with the new one that I had had for a while. At least if my mojo wasn't working my desk could look nice right? Then I decided to redo some stamps that I had unmounted from the cling backing. The rubber peeled of easily and there was still sticky stuff left on the rubber so I thought I could save a step and use them as is. NOT! The glue residue was much to sticky and I had a hard time getting them off the storage sheet and the acrylic block.

I peeled the stamps off the storage sheet and they stuck to my fingers. I tried to remove the glue, didn't work and they stuck to my fingers,. I finally decided to put the Tack It Over And Over over the sticky glue. That worked but my fingers had the other glue on them and still the stamps stuck to my fingers. I finally got them all done and off my fingers. I left the stamps to dry. After getting all the glue off my fingers and putting all the stamps back on the storage sheet my new mat had glue all over it! I spent a long time getting the glue off the new mat and the old one. The old mat is now back on my desk 'cos now it looks like new again... or almost.

This is the mess on my desk after looking for my mojo again. Hopefully I will find it this time under the mess and hopefully the idiot stick got stuck on the glue and washed down the sink when I cleaned the mats.

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